• Website design
  • Blu-Ray / DVD menus
  • Cover design
  • Re-touching

Design - Website design

Opus builds effective, and attractive web sites for small to medium size organisations.
All sites are custom designed to order after careful consultations.

  • Multimedia websites and music sites.
  • Microsites and HTML Rom content for DVD
  • Editing and encoding music and video content to produce streaming web content.
  • Full maintenance and upgrading facilities to your site.
  • HTML 5
  • Feeds and interactivity with social networks.
  • Reliable and versatile hosting services.
  • Testing on PC's and Macs, and all popular browsers
  • User-friendly, easy to navigate and tastefully designed.
  • Promoting your web site with search engine optimisation.
  • PSDs supplied by the client can be turned into valid tableless HTML / XHTML.
  • Email newsletter design
  • Load Speed Optimization and Accessibility.
  • Sites will adhere to all the modern standards of XHTML/CSS coding.

Design - Blu-Ray and DVD menus

Make your Blu-Ray discs and DVDs a pleasure to navigate with well designed and user friendly menus. These can be static or motion and designed specifically for your project. Designs can be created entirely by Opus or existing images and content can be re-purposed according to Blu-ray and DVD specifications. Menus provided include all button and overlays. All content will be produced in progressive mode.

  • Square pixel display for HD - no more blurry text!
  • Pop up menus for Blu-Ray
  • NTSC or PAL for European, Asian and US markets
  • 4:3 or 16:9/ widescreen or anamorphic
  • Motion transitions between menus
  • Looping static menus
  • Looping motion menus
  • Audio in stereo or surround sound
  • Motion Intro sequences
  • Microsites and HTML ROM content for DVD

For further information about how to prepare assets compliant with DVD specifications, Opus has prepared a guide outlining how to present your content for authoring. DVD Guidelines

Design - CD/DVD and Blu-Ray cover design

Artwork for Blu-Ray and DVD menu content as well as Blu-Ray, DVD and CD printed material is generated from existing graphics and photographs or designed from scratch.

Blu-Ray, DVD and CD artwork is fitted to templates supplied by our replicators, it is thoroughly checked before leaving for the replication plant, ensuring no extra costs are incurred at replication due to potential print errors.

Digipacks and Slip case

Design is available for all popular packaging including Digipak and Super Jewel cases, including inner booklets or inserts. Custom design can also be arranged for more unusual package designs of non standard dimensions often seen in collectors' deluxe editions.

We always endeavour to have all artwork ready and approved to go to replication at the same time as the Blu-Ray, DVD and CD discs are created to avoid any delays in the process.

Other services available are:

  • Image sourcing and acquisition
  • Photography
  • Logo design
  • Compatibility grids

Design - Image retouching and processing

Have your images perfected to remove any colour inconsistencies, unsightly objects or blemishes or replace damaged areas in old photographs. Other image services include:

  • Scanning
  • Re-sizing and cropping
  • Colour correction
  • Preparation or Preflight testing of materials for print
  • Spot and mark removal
  • Enhancement of skin tones

Preflight identifies issues with colors, fonts, transparency, image resolution, PDF version compatibility, and more. Preflight also includes tools for examining PDF syntax or the actual PDF structure of a document.